Instructions to make a payment from a PayPal Request




When you receive the email it will look something like this.










You then click on the link in the message and it will take you to browser screen by PayPal as shown below




You then click on the pay pal account where it is highlighted…





After you click on the link you will be taken to the next page of  PayPal’s process for using Credit Card Payments instead of PayPal






The 3 pictures or screen shots above are scrolled on one website page because we could not capture this  in one long page it is shown in 3 pages.


Once you have filled out  the information for payment  you click on  the next  continue button.



If it is the same shipping address, click next to Yes .


If not click no and another address lines will appear, but since you are paying a money request you can  click on  the Yes  or No shipping required buttons.







This will then validate your credit card and information and then click the process or confirm button.


You have then successfully sent the money to us .


If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 1-631-663-5297


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